Oklahoma Workers Compensation Attorney Fees

Oklahoma Workers Compensation Attorney Fees

Tulsa Work Injury Lawyers

Our clients often ask us “How much will attorney fees costs for their workers’ compensation claim?” Fortunately workers’ compensation statutes set out Oklahoma workers compensation attorney fees. However, the important thing for injured workers to understand is that the cost of an attorney in an workers compensation case is contingent. This means that the attorney only collects money if you get money for your case.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, contact us for a consultation. Our attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. We have years of experience in negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. Rest assured that reasonable fees will also be charged in relation to the degree of representation at our law practice. Read on to learn more about Oklahoma workers compensation attorney fees.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Fees Overview:

The initial consultation with our Tulsa work injury attorney is free. Further, we usually file our client’s claim without charging them a fee. If a lawyer charges an outrageous fee to file your initial claim, this is a red flag to consider alternative representation. Once acceptance of your claim occurs, you should start to receive benefits. However, if your claim is contested, or your insurance benefits are denied, our attorneys can advocate on your behalf to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

We will contact your employer and their insurance carrier to get your disability benefits. If they continue to deny your claim we’ll set it for trial. Once set for trial we provide both medical and oral evidence supporting your case. This trail costs you nothing. Remember we don’t get money if you don’t get money.

Disability in Workers Compensation Cases:

Oklahoma State law provides a set standard of the maximum compensation an attorney may collect for legal representation pertaining to workers’ compensation judgments. Thus, an attorney can collect up to a maximum of 10% of any award for a contested temporary disability claim, and 20% of any award for permanent disability or contested death case. All attorney fees are subject to court approval though which means fees are not an automatic grant. In addition, you might pay settlement and trial related expenses depending on the nature of your case. In certain situations, the court may deem the denial of benefits as unreasonable. If this occurs, your award may also include the attorney fee.

Most workers’ compensation cases end in some sort of settlement. Certain factors will affect the settling of your case such as the extent of your injuries and whether they are temporary or permanent.

Our attorney will not take a portion of your regular benefit. Furthermore, our attorneys have the proper resources to handle your claim without accepting a large upfront fee.

Free Consultation About Oklahoma Workers Compensation Attorney Fees:

Our Tulsa County workers’ compensation attorneys assist you by obtaining the compensation you deserve for your workplace related injury or disease. We invite you to contact us for a consultation. Call or email us today to set-up your free consultation. Our work injury attorneys typically do not charge fees if your case is unsuccessful. Do not settle your case without first consulting with an attorney. If retained, our attorney can help you calculate the amount you will need as compensation for your bodily injuries. This also includes all your medical, temporary disability and other out of pocket expenses. Remember,  your employer will be represented by an attorney. Hence, you deserve representation as well. Most importantly, do not let attorney fees stand in the way of you obtaining the compensation you deserve to treat your medical injuries.