Oklahoma Workers Compensation Information

The Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Commission makes determinations as to the extent of theOklahoma Workers Compensation Information injured worker’s disability. This determination impacts the amount of compensation the injured worker receives.
Worker’s Compensation in Oklahoma intends to streamline the process of compensating workers  receiving injuries on the job. There are a few basic types of workers compensation available. One is to pay for medical treatments you receive as a result of the work injury. The other pays you while you’re treating. This monthly income can be either temporary or permanent depending on the extent of your injuries.

If you’ve sustained a job-related injury or have contracted an occupational disease, your employer is required to pay “reasonable and necessary” medical. This treatment continues until the Doctor releases you. In certain circumstances you may also receive reimbursement for traveling to and from your doctors office.

Workmans Comp Temporary Total Disability:

Temporary total disability benefits are paid weekly to the injured Oklahoma worker. The benefits are paid for a pre-determined period of time or until the injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement. The amount of the payments considers your income at the time of the work injury. For you to receive compensation the work accident must be a significant cause of the injury.  The work injury must prevent you from returning to work either full or light duty. In some instances your employers insurance carrier will deny your disability payments. When this happens our Tulsa County work injury lawyers will take it to trial.  At trial evidence we present supports your need for temporary disability. Once the trial is complete the Oklahoma work injury judge renders a decision within twenty days. work. For more Oklahoma workers compensation information call us today.

Temporary Partial Disability:

The Worker’s Compensation Court will pay temporary partial disability. This occurs in those cases that your Doctor places you on work restrictions. Once this happens your employer must accommodate the work restriction. This includes providing work that doesn’t force you to lift or stand depending on the restriction. If your employer provides light duty you must accept it. In a case that your employer doesn’t have light duty available they will send you home. If this is the case they will have to pay you temporary disability payments..

Work Injuries and Permanent Disability:

There are times when your work injury causes you permanent disabilities. This type disability may be partial or a total permanent disability. In those instances the insurance company must provide you with vocational rehabilitation. If the disability is total they possibly must pay you until you reach age of retirement. To prove either disability both your work injury attorney and the insurance company will hire doctors. The doctors issue a disability report to the court. Depending on the injury and the outcome of the trial you’ll receive a payment. Your income at the time of injury also impact the amount of the award.

Free Consultation; Oklahoma Workers Compensation Information:

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