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Any time an Oklahoma DUI accident occurs and you suffer injuries, you undergo an independent medical examination (IME).  When an individual isTulsa DUI Accident Lawyers  allegedly causes an accident, that individual’s automobile insurance company has a physician evaluate the injured person.

It is unfortunate that many IMEs conducted by a physician of the insurance company’s choice are not favorable evaluations.  The physicians tend to make it difficult to find the insured individual at fault.  This is one of the most negative aspects of dealing with an automobile accident that can be quite frustrating for anyone injured as a result of another’s negligent conduct, especially when it comes to drunk drivers.  When no dispute exists as to whether or not a drunk driver causes an automobile accident resulting in injures, an IME can make it seem as though there are other reasons why the person has suffered injuries, including preexisting conditions that could account for the person’s current pain and other symptoms.

How to Approach the IME:

If you receive injuries in an Oklahoma DUI accident, seek the advice of our Tulsa DUI Accident Lawyers right away.  Once you have done so and you are available to undergo the IME at the request of the drunk driver’s automobile insurance company, you will need to take all steps necessary to protect your rights and interests.

When going to the IME, our Tulsa County Personal Injury Lawyers will tell you that you should bring a friend or family member with you, as this person can be a witness to the physician’s independent evaluation.  If the physician’s evaluation differs from the victim and the witness, this suggests the physician didn’t provide an accurate evaluation.  Because the physician generally receives quite a substantial amount of money by the drunk driver’s insurance company, the physician has an interest in providing an evaluation favorable to the insurance company.  Having a witness can be a successful tool to ensuring the physician is really keeping the evaluation impartial.

In addition to having witness(es) join you at your IME, take your notes and ensure the physician records all symptoms.  For example, you could take a list of all of your symptoms and a copy of any and all medical records you have related to the injuries you suffered at the expense of a drunk driver’s negligent conduct.  If you have medical records documenting injuries clearly connected to the drunk driver’s actions in causing an automobile accident, anything the physician states during the IME unfavorable to your potential personal injury case against the drunk driver appears unrealistic.  Especially, when the physician’s opinion materially differs from other physicians’ opinions of your injuries, and what caused them.

Our  Tulsa DUI Accident Lawyers can prepare you for the IME.  We can also ensure you receive evaluations by physicians who have no incentive to favor the insurance company.  You do not deserve suffering because of a drunk driver’s decision to cause an Oklahoma drunk driving accident.  Further, do not continue suffering because a physician indicates your injuries are not serious or because of the drunk driver.  As such, it is imperative that you have a strong advocate by your side.  This ensures you receive the compensation you deserve. Our Tulsa DUI Accident Lawyers provide you with an alternative IME doctor to evaluate your Oklahoma DUI accident injury.

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