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Tulsa County Lawyers Explain Oklahoma Domestic Abuse Crimes

Oklahoma Domestic Abuse Crimes are common and carry steep punishments for convictions. Former NBA Timberwolves player, Dante Cunningham, was accused of domestic abuse in 2014 by his then-girlfriend.  The charges included kicking in doors, then pushing and choking her.  As a result of these charges, he was not re-signed to the Timberwolves the following year.  Further, other teams have been reluctant to sign him due to the charges and his career is basically over.  The noteworthy part though, is that the allegations were false and no conviction resulted.  It was a form of revenge and posturing by Cunningham’s then-girlfriend in an attempt to gain from his lucrative career.  False allegations of domestic abuse can be common in custody and divorce situations.  Read on to understand the charges and how we can help.

Defining Oklahoma Domestic Abuse Crimes:

Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 644(c) defines domestic abuse as assault and battery against any of the following people:

–  former spouse

–  current spouse of your ex-spouse

–   ex- spouse of your current spouse

–  a child or parent (esp. eldlerly)

–  a family member

–  a romantic partner

–  a co-parent

–  a roommate (current or former)

In reality, anyone who is a family member, is or was a romantic partner, and/or a roommate is a person who could be considered a victim of domestic abuse.  Depending on the severity of the abuse, the penalties may differ.

Penalties for Domestic Abuse:

A first offense of domestic violence is a misdemeanor.  It is punishable up to one year in prison and/or by fines up to $5,000. However, a second offense is a felony.  This carries more severe penalties.  If convicted, a person may serve up to 4 years in prison and/or pay a fine of $5,000.  Further, even after completing all steps of the punishment, a felony will remain on your permanent record.  Thus, you could have trouble finding employment, housing, or gaining custody of children.

Other Related Assault and battery crimes:

Our Lawyers Help With Oklahoma Domestic Abuse Crimes

If you find yourself in a situation like Dante Cunningham’s where false allegations of domestic violence are ruining your life, call our Oklahoma Domestic Abuse Crimes attorneys in Tulsa County.  We want to help defend you against unfair and unjust charges.  Our team of Tulsa County Criminal attorneys will ensure you receive the best defense possible.

Violating a Protective Order

Violating a protective orderIn Tulsa County Violating a protective order is a criminal offense. When discussing violating  a protective order It’s first useful to understand what a protective order is and why people use them.  First, a protective order intends to protect someone from another person’s harmful actions.  This is most often the case in spousal abuse, stalking, or harassment incidents.  For example, in the 1984 Oklahoma case of Marquette v. Marquette, the ex-wife was granted a protective order against her ex-husband.  He harassed her, verbally threatened her, and threw clothing, children’s toys, and other items at her in front of their children.  This situation is typical for protection orders.

Levels of Penalties for Violating a Protective Order

Violating a protective order is punishable in Oklahoma.  Violations include anything that is expressly prohibited in the order.  This is often communication through phone, text, or in person; any personal contact; or being present within a certain vicinity of the victim.  However, the degree of punishment is dependent on certain matters.  The following will discuss and explain these in detail.

First Offense w/out Physical Harm:  Upon the first violation of a protective order and if no injuries to any party occur, the offender may receive misdemeanor charges.  This carries a maximum of one year in county jail.  The prison sentence may also couple with a fine up to $1,000.

First Offense w/Physical Harm:  If physical injuries or harm occurs to anyone present during a first time violation of the protective order, then it is a misdemeanor.  The fines can reach up to $5,000 and jail time is 20 days to one year.

Second Offense:  If the protective order has been violated before and this is a repeat offense, the penalty is a felony.  This is subject to 1 to 5 years in prison and a fine between $300 and $10,000.

Further, any of these penalties can include court ordered treatment programs such as: anger management, domestic abuse programs, substance abuse counseling, etc.  The programs last 52 weeks and subject to review 120 days after completion.  If the issues are severe enough, penalties may also require a GPS monitoring device.  The offender will be liable for all fees regarding the GPS device.

Let our Tulsa County Lawyers Help You:

If you are struggling with the legal ramifications of a protective order call us.  Our attorneys have experience navigating these channels and can help. Our first consultation is free. For more information read our Tulsa County Lawyers blog or call us at 918.379.4864

Oklahoma Workers Compensation Information

The Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Commission makes determinations as to the extent of theOklahoma Workers Compensation Information injured worker’s disability. This determination impacts the amount of compensation the injured worker receives.
Worker’s Compensation in Oklahoma intends to streamline the process of compensating workers  receiving injuries on the job. There are a few basic types of workers compensation available. One is to pay for medical treatments you receive as a result of the work injury. The other pays you while you’re treating. This monthly income can be either temporary or permanent depending on the extent of your injuries.

If you’ve sustained a job-related injury or have contracted an occupational disease, your employer is required to pay “reasonable and necessary” medical. This treatment continues until the Doctor releases you. In certain circumstances you may also receive reimbursement for traveling to and from your doctors office.

Workmans Comp Temporary Total Disability:

Temporary total disability benefits are paid weekly to the injured Oklahoma worker. The benefits are paid for a pre-determined period of time or until the injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement. The amount of the payments considers your income at the time of the work injury. For you to receive compensation the work accident must be a significant cause of the injury.  The work injury must prevent you from returning to work either full or light duty. In some instances your employers insurance carrier will deny your disability payments. When this happens our Tulsa County work injury lawyers will take it to trial.  At trial evidence we present supports your need for temporary disability. Once the trial is complete the Oklahoma work injury judge renders a decision within twenty days. work. For more Oklahoma workers compensation information call us today.

Temporary Partial Disability:

The Worker’s Compensation Court will pay temporary partial disability. This occurs in those cases that your Doctor places you on work restrictions. Once this happens your employer must accommodate the work restriction. This includes providing work that doesn’t force you to lift or stand depending on the restriction. If your employer provides light duty you must accept it. In a case that your employer doesn’t have light duty available they will send you home. If this is the case they will have to pay you temporary disability payments..

Work Injuries and Permanent Disability:

There are times when your work injury causes you permanent disabilities. This type disability may be partial or a total permanent disability. In those instances the insurance company must provide you with vocational rehabilitation. If the disability is total they possibly must pay you until you reach age of retirement. To prove either disability both your work injury attorney and the insurance company will hire doctors. The doctors issue a disability report to the court. Depending on the injury and the outcome of the trial you’ll receive a payment. Your income at the time of injury also impact the amount of the award.

Free Consultation; Oklahoma Workers Compensation Information:

If you’ve been injured on the job and need more Oklahoma workers compensation information call our law office today. We can help you get the medical treatment, and disability payments. Dont wait until its to late call today. Call  918-379-4864 for a free consultation.

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney Explains Bankruptcy

Nobody really considers that financial problems can occur by taking on too much debt. This is especially true at the time they’re enjoying the pleasures of making new purchases. With a

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorneys

good credit score, taking on new debt is incredibly easy. A new home, college loans, a new car, can all be obtained by slapping down a credit card. The list of goods we can purchase is endless and so is the financial hardship it causes. When it comes to getting into debt, how do we know our personal limits? How do we know if our spending has gone too far? What are the signs that tell us we should consider talking to an Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney.

Bankruptcy Information:

The first sign that you’ve taken on too much debt is if you can’t pay it all off in 3 years. Add up all your debts and divide it by 36. That should be your self-imposed monthly debt limit, not the minimum monthly payments calculated by your loan companies. If you cannot pay this amount you need to talk to an Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney. You attorney can help you eliminate to restructure your loans. This will help to get you on a financially responsible monthly payment schedule. Attacking the problem at this stage can make the whole process easier. It will also help you to keep more assets  that might other wise have to be surrendered in an Oklahoma bankruptcy.

 I Cant Pay My Bills Should I File Bankruptcy:

If you’re unable to pay off your debts in three years, ask yourself  “am I paying only the minimum payments?’ If this is the case, chances are your debt is increasing every month without you having bought anything new. Most people believe that the minimum payment will actually pay the debt off.

In reality the minimum payment isn’t even enough to cover the interest you owe on the balance of your debt. This will cause your debt to grow, not reducing it as you hoped. As a matter of fact, if you pay only the minimum, your debt could grow exponentially and potentially double every 7-10 years. Of course how fast it grows depends on the interest rate your paying. It’s not uncommon for some credit card interest rates to be as high as 18% and at that rate, your balance will double every 4 years if left to compound.

Other Indicators Its Time To File Bankruptcy:

Another good indicator that you should talk with a bankruptcy attorney is if you can’t even pay the minimum monthly payment. This is the final test of your ability to service your monthly debt payments. Since the recommended minimum payment is not enough to cover the interest on your debt, simply paying this low amount keeps you afloat but adds to your debt every month. Paying only the monthly minimum makes the monthly minimum increase every month without new purchases and eventually you will have to file for bankruptcy.

It’s better to file sooner than later before you have suffered under the weight and stress of ever-increasing monthly payments. lf you can’t meet the minimum monthly payment and you are getting those evening phone calls from bill collectors, maybe you should consider talking to an Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney because not being able to pay the minimum amounts on your debts will guarantee a bankruptcy is in your near future.

 Contact An Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding filing bankruptcy in Oklahoma we can help. Our Tulsa county lawyers have helped people file chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Call today for free bankruptcy information.

Tulsa Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

Tulsa Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

Tulsa Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents occur across the U.S., happening with more frequency in the winter months.  Ice and snow lead to a number of Oklahoma accidents each winter.  These accidents result in serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury, head injury, broken bones, spinal cord injury, and much more. For a free consultation with our Tulsa slip and fall injury lawyers call today.

After involvement in a slip and fall, many accident victims wonder what their legal options are.  The key issue involved in any slip and fall accident claim is liability.  Whether you are pursuing an insurance settlement or a personal injury action, you will need to prove that the property owner or lessor is liable for your injuries stemming from the slip and fall.

Further, any analysis of liability will involve first assessing who the potentially liable parties are. This will usually include the property owner, but may also include the person or company leasing the property or multiple property owners.  The next consideration is the negligence of the parties.  A proper analysis will also predict the potential defenses against your claim and whether you, the injured party, contributed to the accident in any way.

Liability in Slip and Fall Cases:

Typically, in order to succeed with your slip and fall injury action, you must prove one of the following:

  • The property owner, or an employee, should have recognized a dangerous condition, such as spilled liquid on the floor or a pothole, and repaired or removed the hazard.  The property owner or employee did not take corrective action.  The court will also consider whether a reasonable person would have identified the condition as a hazard and whether the property owner had ample opportunity to remedy the condition prior to the accident.
  • The property owner, or employee, caused a dangerous condition that lead to the slip and fall.  This may include, for instance, spilling water or leaving an obstacle in the way.  It also must be reasonably foreseeable that a slip and fall could result from the condition created.

Proving Negligence:

Reasonableness is an important term in any slip and fall case.  As a result, a court will consider whether the property owner acted as a reasonably prudent person would have under similar circumstances.  In measuring reasonableness, the court will consider:

  • How long did the condition exist?  Did the property owner have time to remedy the condition?
  • Did the property owner regularly check the property for hazards?  Was a log kept documenting findings?
  • Was the property well light?  Did poor visibility play a role in the accident?
  • Was there some sort of valid justification for the hazard?
  • Could the condition have been made less hazardous through preventative measures, such as the use of warning signs?

Winning a slip and fall case is never easy, but with the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney you can mount a strong case to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Get A Free Consultation With Tulsa Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers:

Slip and fall accidents occur across the U.S. in a variety of locations, from grocery stores and restaurants to malls, parking lots, and workplaces.  Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries and even death.  The financial toll of these accidents is often catastrophic, including mountains of medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.  If you have been injured in a slip and fall, the Tulsa slip and fall injury lawyers at Tulsa County Lawyers Group can help.  We aggressively seek the following damages for our injured clients:  medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.  Call the personal injury attorneys at Tulsa County Lawyers Group today at 918-379-4864 to schedule your free consultation.

Denied Workers Compensation Injuries

Under Oklahoma workers compensation law, certain work related injury claims areDenied Workers Compensation Injuries excluded.  If you or a loved one is wondering if you qualify for workers compensation benefits, contact our attorneys for a free consultation. We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. You deserve medical treatment and help with denied workers compensation injuries in Oklahoma. Don’t go it alone and don’t take no for an answer. Denied workers compensation injuries are common in Oklahoma

Intentional Injuries at Work:

An intentional workers’ compensation injury occurs when an employee intentionally injures himself/herself while during the scope of employment. If the employee’s willful misconduct causes his/her injury, a workers’ compensation benefit will not be awarded. An employer will use the intentional injury defense if there is enough evidence warranting that the employee’s willful misconduct led to his/her injury.

Example: Joseph and Carlos were building a balcony on the first story of an apartment complex. Joseph contemplated jumping off the balcony to the ground floor because he tired of  going up and down the stairs to grab tools. His signed company safety policy cautiously advised against such behavior. Nevertheless, Joseph chose to jump off the balcony. He injured his arm in doing so and filed a workers’ compensation claim. The evidence showed that Joseph’s willful misconduct caused the injury to occur. Thus he received a denial on his workers’ compensation benefit.

Claiming a fraudulent injury can also result in criminal and civil liability.  Oklahoma Attorney General E. Scott Pruitt is cracking down on fraudulent workers’ compensation claims.

Voluntary Intoxication in Workers’ Compensation:

Voluntary intoxication preceding a work injury may also exclude Oklahoma workers’ compensation benefits. This intoxication occurs when an employee ingest illegal drugs or alcohol, or abuses a prescription medication before or during work. If the use of the illegal drug/alcohol is the source of an employee’s injury, workers’ compensation benefits will not be provided so contact a workers compensation lawyers in Tulsa.

Example: Jared consumed 4 beers during his 30-minute lunch break. The alcohol volume of each beer was 7.2%. When Jared returned to work, he was asked to haul 12 boxes down 3 flights of stairs. Jared did not disclose that he recently consumed alcohol to his supervisor. Instead, he decided to stack two boxes on top of each other to carry down the stairs. Due to intoxication, Jared fell down the stairs breaking his right leg. Jared attempts to claim workers’ compensation coverage, but is denied coverage once evidence surfaces that he consumed alcohol during his lunch break which resulted in the underlying cause of his injury.

Failure to Use Safety Device:

Employees must use safety devices when operating equipment at work. If an employee intentionally decides to not use a safety device, and doing so would have prevented the injury, he/she may likely be barred from obtaining workers’ compensation insurance. Momentarily forgetfulness, inattention, or bad judgment usually does not bar claims. You will need an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf to obtain an award in the event of improper use of a safety device.

Example: Gina routinely saws wood at the local home good store. Prior to sawing wood, employees must wear goggles to prevent fragments from flying into their eyes. Gina routinely refuses to wear the goggles and ends up with an eye injury.  Proper wearing of the goggles would have prevented injury.  Oklahoma State law will likely bar her from obtaining Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Contact Our Tulsa Workers’ Compensation Attorney:

We invite you to contact our workers’ compensation attorney for legal advice and guidance. Our Tulsa Work Injury attorney can provide you with legal advice to determine if your work related injury or disease is eligible for workers’ compensation insurance or if it is an excluded Oklahoma workers’ compensation injuries. Contact us for a consultation.

Drug Lawyers Tulsa County Prescription Drugs

The problem of prescription drug trafficking is becoming an increasingly serious issue, both in the State of Oklahoma and nationally.  Estimations show that daily, 2,500  U.S. youth ages 12 to 17 abuse a prescription pain reliever for the first time.  More than 15Drug Lawyers Tulsa County million people in the U.S. abuse prescription drugs, more than all those that use cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants, and heroin combined.  Moreover, prescription drugs are responsible for 45% of overdose deaths, more than cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and amphetamines combined (39%).  Clearly, it is an issue needing attention.

New Prescription Drug Laws:

In response to concerns about the proliferation of prescription drug sales, Oklahoma passed a law last May to fight against trafficking of these drugs.  The new law amends Okla. Stat., tit. 63, Section 2-415 and was sponsored by Rep. Pat Ownbey with assistance from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. The piece of legislation creates heftier penalties for the carrying of 400 grams of oxycodone, 1,000 grams of morphine, 3,750 grams of hydrocodone, and 500 grams of benzodiazepine.

These four drugs are some of the most common prescriptions in drug abuse.  At the present time, carrying these drugs illegally is not trafficking.  However, when the new law goes into effect on November 1st, trafficking will exist in the possible charges for someone caught with them. Violators will receive punishments large fines of from $100,000 to $500,000, plus prison time.  Subsequent violations would carry additional prison time.  Rep. Ownbey was concerned about these particular drugs because, while all types of trafficking crimes occur in Oklahoma, abuse of prescription drugs is “especially prevalent.”

Drug Charges Under The New Laws:

Oklahoma is getting more serious about combatting illegal drug trafficking.  As criminal defense attorneys, we realize that this means potentially very serious consequences for many of our clients.  The best course of action is to avoid involvement in any kind of illegal trafficking at all.  Unfortunately it simply is the case that not all individuals will follow that path.  Furthermore, sometimes people receive erroneous accusations.  That’s when an experienced drug lawyer is invaluable to negotiating the most favorable outcome possible with a prosecutor.  If necessary, we have skilled litigators who can make the best possible case before a judge or jury.

Oklahoma’s Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substance Act is in Title 63 of the Oklahoma statutes.  Oklahoma regulates the control and sale of controlled dangerous substances (CDS). These are defined to include marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and the compounds used to manufacture them.  The CDS list is divided into five Schedules.  The categorization of the CDS drugs is according to a scale from the most dangerous drugs which have the highest possibility of abuse and addiction with no recognized medical value (Schedule 1), to the least dangerous drugs having the lowest probability of abuse with some recognized medical uses (Schedule 5).  Penalties.

Three of the four prescription drugs subject to the new trafficking laws are on Schedule 2.  This labels them as more dangerous than many other drugs on the market.  Trafficking in any of these drugs is a felony in Oklahoma. If charged with either felony or misdemeanor drug charges contact our Drug Lawyers Tulsa County

Contact  Our Drug Lawyers Tulsa County:

If you receive charges on a drug crime in Oklahoma, whether possession, control, or trafficking, it is critical that you have competent Drug Lawyers Tulsa County on your side.  Call our office today for a consultation, and let us assist you in minimizing the negative impact of a drug charge on your life.


Bankruptcy Information Oklahoma

Bankruptcy Facts and How to File

Bankruptcy is a federal law that allows certain people under certain circumstances to reduce or eliminate their debt. The bankruptcy law is contained in Title 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Information Oklahoma | Tulsa Lawyers GroupCode. As part of bankruptcy law individual states are allowed to either expand or limit bankruptcy rules in an effort to address local concerns. Oklahoma has done this and many would say that Oklahoma has enacted some of the most liberal bankruptcy laws in an effort to protect its citizens.

Where do I File  my Bankruptcy:

Some of the most important bankruptcy information Oklahoma is where your case will be filed. Jurisdiction is what controls where your case is filed. Because Title 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code controls bankruptcy cases the case is heard in federal court. In Oklahoma there are three different Federal District Courts that your case may be filed in. The courts include the Northern District in Tulsa, the Eastern District in Okmulgee and the Western District in Oklahoma City. As a result, which court you file your case in depends on where you live at the time you file. In order to file a bankruptcy in Oklahoma you must have lived in the State for six months before you can file.

Bankruptcy Information Oklahoma – Different Kinds of Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oklahoma – Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a form of consumer bankruptcy that will forgive a large portion of your unsecured debt.  Unsecured debt is that debt that you have not pledged any security for in exchange for the money you borrowed.  This includes debt associated with things such as credit cards, medical bills, repossessions, foreclosures and payday loans. Secured debt is that debt that is secured by the assets which was purchased with the money you borrowed. An example of secured debt is your house and your car. To file a chapter 7 bankruptcy you have to qualify. One of the major qualifications is that you don’t make too much money. This is called the means test. Essentially, the means test requires that your income is at or below the median income for a family your size

If you file a chapter 7 you will have the option of keeping those assets that are secured by simply continuing to pay the debt and keeping the assets. As to your house you can keep the house and reaffirm the debt. The same option is available for your car and all other secured assets.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Oklahoma



Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a provision in the Federal Bankruptcy Law. A chapter 13 bankruptcy is for those people who don’t qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. The primary reason people file a chapter 13 is because they make more money than is allowable in a chapter 7. For example, if the median family income is $43,000 for a family of one and you make $75,000 you make to much to qualify for a chapter 7. In this case the chapter 13 provision of the bankruptcy code will offer you some relief.

Tulsa Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Repayment Plan:

In a chapter 13 bankruptcy you must pay back a certain percentage of your unsecured debt. This repayment is done over a three to five year period of time. Further, the amount of the payment will depend on a budget thats part of Chapter 13.  The budget considers your family size and total debt. It also takes in to account your income and disposable income after your bills are paid. An example is that if you have $100.00 in debt and your budget based on your income and family size only allows you to pay 40% of the debt. If this is the case you must make a monthly payment equaling 40% of the debt for 5 years. Any portion remaining after the 5 year repayment period discharges.

Do I Qualify For a Chapter 13 in Oklahoma:

To qualify for a chapter 13 you must have employment. This is because the chapter 13 requires you to repay a part of the debt. The payment occurs through a wage order. The wage order directs your employer to pay the payment due directly to the court. Once the court gets the money from the wage order it pays it per their share to your creditors.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy has whats called a feasibility test. So, in order to qualify you must be able to show that you will successfully complete the repayment plan in the time period. A chapter 13 requires confirmation of the plane. This is done through the court and the bankruptcy trustee. The trustee in your case is in either Tulsa, Okmulgee or Oklahoma City. The location depends on where you live at the time we file your case.

Can I Keep My House in an Oklahoma Chapter 13:

The answer is absolutely yes you can keep your home if you file an Oklahoma Bankruptcy. One good thing about a chapter 13, unlike a chapter 7, is that if you have unpaid mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure the chapter 13 will stop the foreclosure process.  The portion that is late is set up in your repayment plan and is paid out over the term of the bankruptcy.  You will be required to continue with the future payments as set in the original mortgage agreement.

Tulsa Bankruptcy

Tulsa Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Tulsa, County

If you live in Oklahoma and a bankruptcy is your best option then chapter 7 bankruptcy is a viable option. This is because unlike chapter 13 bankruptcy the chapter 7 bankruptcy
is the easiest and most comprehensive Tulsa bankruptcy option. If you have debt and it’s more than you can afford, then bankruptcy may be a great option. Our bankruptcy attorneys have helped thousands of people just like you all over the Sate of Oklahoma get a fresh financial start.

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a federal bankruptcy provision that eliminates most if not all of your unsecured debt. This includes credit cards, medical bills, repossession, foreclosures and more. Filing chapter 7 will stop all garnishments and put a stop to those never ending calls from collection people.

Can I Keep My House in Chapter 7:

The best thing about chapter 7 bankruptcy is that if you own a home and it is your primary residence you can keep it. You can do this so long as you are current on the mortgage payments.  However you must continue making payments as is set out in your original mortgage agreement. This is because in Oklahoma bankruptcy exempts 100% of your homestead. This fact alone makes Tulsa bankruptcy and in particular a chapter 7 a great option for many Oklahoman’ s.

Do I Qualify For Chapter 7:

To qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy you have to meet certain requirements. The primary requirement is that you must make below the median family income for a family your size. This number is set out in a fairly complex formula based on certain IRS guidelines. A very basic example of this is that if you are a family of one you must make less than $41,000.00 per year. The amount you can make goes up as the number of family members goes up.

How long Does a Tulsa Bankruptcy Take.

Because all garnishments and other collection efforts stop the minute we file your case this is the most important time for you. With this said, our Tulsa bankruptcy attorneys are fast. Regardless of where you live in Oklahoma our Tulsa bankruptcy attorneys will file your case within 5 days of you bringing us your paperwork. It doesn’t matter in what part of the State you live, how much money you owe or how many jobs you have we file your case fast.