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Tulsa Alimony Lawyers

There are two types of alimony, support alimony and alimony in lieu of property.
The latter of the two is not modifiable by the court, not available for tax purposes, and is typically not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  However, support alimony receives different treatment.  Support alimony is the traditional form that parties think of in regards to alimony.  It can though be transitional or rehabilitative in its basis.  Transitional is when the court consider the length of time for the party to recoup after the divorce.  Rehabilitative alimony looks more into the various steps the party will have to take in order to return to school, seek additional training in career, or even start a new career path. If you need help call one of our Tulsa alimony lawyers for advantage you need.

Can Tulsa Alimony Lawyers Modify the Order:

Support alimony is modifiable, recognizable for tax purposes, and dischargeable in bankruptcy.  In determining the award amount, the court considers if there is a need and if it relates to the marriage.  Factors the court will assess will be the age of the party, ability to work, the status quo standard of living, station in life, length of marriage, time necessary for transition period, earning capacities, physical conditions, and the amount of the request.  The court will make the determination that is the most equitable in light of the situation.  If the party seeks to modify the support alimony that was awarded, the party may do so by proving there is a substantial and continuing change in the circumstances that warrants the modification.  Such modification if successfully proven will only have a prospective application unless the modification is from a temporary order.

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