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Drug Court Alternative to Jail

All criminal drug charges in the state of Oklahoma carry with them serious consequences, if convicted. Whether you receive charges on possession of drugs (marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, etc.), drug distribution, or drug trafficking, among others, you have some obstacles ahead of you in your fight to stay out of jail.

First and foremost, your Tulsa Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney will seek to have your criminal charge or charges dismissed.  For example, if the arrest or interrogation process violates your constitutional rights, certain evidence may be inadmissible against you. If there are no valid grounds for having the criminal charge(s) dismissed, then your attorney will explore other options to minimize the severity of the consequences that may result.

The number one goal for accused individuals is to find a way to avoid jail time if dismissal of the charge(s) is not an option. In Oklahoma, most counties have drug court programs to address the underlying issues related to drug crimes and drug use in this state. The amount of money and resources used to keep drug offenders in jail is astronomical.  Further jail time has not proven to be the best form of rehabilitation. Depending on the unique facts, your Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney may be able to lessen your criminal charge. However, drug court may be inevitable depending on the nature and facts of your drug charge.

Who is Eligible for Drug Court:

In Tulsa County, as is the case in many other counties in Oklahoma, drug court is only felony drug offenses. As such, an individual charged with a first offense misdemeanor marijuana possession would not necessarily be required to participate in drug court. Subsequent drug possession charges may also be felonies and drug court is a definite possibility. Most other drug crimes may certainly result in mandatory drug court participation.

Drug court is somewhat like probation.  Accused individuals must attend rehabilitation programs, perform community service, and pass drug tests for a period of time. If the drug court process completes successfully, the drug charge dismisses. If the process is not successful, the individual may receive a jail sentence. Drug court has proven to be more successful than serving jail time, because drug offenders can address the underlying problems and rehabilitate while remaining a part of society. While Oklahoma has been slower than other states to ease up on the punishment for drug-related criminal charges, having a drug court program is a step in the right direction to reducing the cost of sending people to jail who really don’t deserve to be there in the first place.

Speak With a Drug Court Attorney:

Because drug charges in Oklahoma do have the potential to result in significant jail time, you should consult with a skilled Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney. If your drug charge is very severe, it may be difficult to avoid jail time. However, if you receive charges of drug possession, drug court may be the only alternative to jail time. In drug court, the underlying criminal charge dismisses if you comply with all rules and orders of the court. To fully understand what you are facing, you will need to speak with an attorney highly familiar in drug crimes.

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